492What is a  paperpot and what’s it all about?

It is a seedling growing container hand-made easily and quickly from used newspaper without the use of adhesives or other foreign material. It is the cheapest way to grow seedlings and allows for the quickest and most efficient transplanting – you can plant the seedling in its own container which automatically composts itself in a very short time.


How does it work and what are the benefits?

A strip of newspaper is wound around a special forming tool and then the growing medium and the seedling or seed are added. After regular watering and minimum handling the paperpot maintains its shape and function until transplanted. The entire paperpot is transplanted as a single unit without disturbing or removing the newspaper -  it will simply self-fragment (dissolve) and degrade very quickly leaving nothing behind but pure natural compost. This means that there is no container material to collect and dispose of – obviously making it the most carbon-friendly container on Earth.

Possible root damage extracting a seedling from regular growing containers is completely avoided. The paperpot enjoys the upside of self-overwatering control during its growth stage, self-biodegradability, n542o waste (zero carbon footprint) and speed and ease of transplanting at the lowest possible cost.

ADVICE : Please take care transporting and handling the paperpot : it is nothing more than wet newspaper keeping the little plant and soil together. You must be careful not to allow this delicate product to get damaged.  If due to mishandling the paperpot is injured plant it out normally as soon as possible with minimal disturbance to the soil and root structure. In most cases if this done soon enough the plant will grow normally.

Please understand that we sell a living product and that every care has been taken up to the point of sale. We can’t be held responsible what happens after this for any reason.

Some paperpot-seedlings available :

Acmadenia heterophylla
Agapanthus nana
Asparagus meyersii
Carissa macrocarpa
Chondropetalum tectorum
Dietes bicolor
Dietes grandiflora
Elegia capensis
Elegia fistulosa
Halleria lucidia
Hyperhinia hirta
Juncus effesus
Leonotis leonorus
Pavetta lancelotta
Plectranthus neochillus
Protea repens
Restio multiflorus
Thamnochortus cinereus
Themeda triandra
Thyme Silver Posie


  • Zero-cost container
  • Quick, efficient planting out
  • No possible root-damage
  • No waste-retrieval and disposal
  • 552
  • rainbpplogo1

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