launch of “floating islands” & The Tree Wedding 26 October 2011






what it was all about :

BioHavens “floating islands” has been launched in SA. These are made from recycled plastics and then plants are added. They provide a range of water treatment, habitat creation and aesthetic benefits for stormwater retention ponds, wetlands and water features.

Floating islands have been tested world-wide since 2005. These are totally natural in appearance and are beneficial to the environment and function reliably removing toxins and harmful chemicals from the water, irrespective of water level fluctuations.



This was preceded by “The Tree Wedding”, a light-hearted event to illustrate how different trees can live in harmony in the garden, and a short demonstration how trees can intertwine and be plaited to create a very interesting focal point in a pot or container.

Some pic’s of the event.












Click on the pic to enlarge it.


















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